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FX Lead artist and Pipeline TD are the positions that Phill has held while producing the work featured on this year’s show reel. Phill worked closely with Directors and VFX Supervisors to plan out, develop tests, and deploy production ready FX setups. Phill’s weapon of choice for all of the featured work is Houdini. Custom tools developed in Python were also an integral part of setting up the FX workflow and pipeline integration at The Mill – Los Angeles.

Featured Projects (2015-2019):

  • Vue Cinemas – Sizzle Film
  • Amazon Alexa (Hot Tub) – Super Bowl 2019
  • Gatorade – Fierce (starring Paul George and Bryce Harper)
  • Dr. Pepper – Hermit Crab
  • Old Spice – Whale
  • Turbo Tax – Boston Tea Party
  • Heroes – Reborn (Teaser)
  • Call of Duty Ghosts: Extinction – Exodus Cinematics
  • CocaCola – Super Bowl 2018 (The Wonder of Us)
  • Propel – As Active as You
  • Paper Mario – Color Splash
  • Strongbow – A Nature Dream

Types of work completed:

Procedural modeling and animation, fluid simulation (flip fluids, meshing), lighting and rendering, sand simulation (pbd grains), ocean simulation, rigid body and water interaction, particle simulation, pyroclastic volume simulation, pyro simulation, balloon simulation, splash simulations, art directed fluid simulations, goal based rigid body simulations, rbd constraint networks, vex coding, and python tool development.